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Microsoft® Office 365

Use productivity, mobility, and collaboration (sharing) capabilities in your organization. Enabling and configuring Office 365 services increases the versatility and ensures the maximum security of the migrated information.


Microsoft Azure is a collection of integrated and scalable cloud services (servers, backup, database, static services, network, storage, and Web) for faster agility, better results, and cost savings. Target audience: Companies looking to reduce infrastructure costs, extend local infrastructure or acquire infrastructure as a IaaS and/or PaaS service.

Automate Azure
Especialistas em migração


We are experts in cloud migration

AUTOMATE has a specialized team to handle the most diverse scenarios for migrating environments, mailboxes, servers, systems and data across platforms such as ExchangeOffice 365Azure, Google and other solutions.

Automate® Kiosk

Manage your company’s meeting rooms efficiently and intelligently:

  • Build self-service kiosks to manage schedules;
  • Select which rooms should appear by location;
  • Use in the cloud or install on your infrastructure;
  • Use the Office 365 logon or without logging in.
Automate Kiosk
Automate Cloud Provider


CSP “Cloud Solution Provider” is a Microsoft Program designed to facilitate Cloud licensing, including Office 365, Azure, CRM Online and EMS (Enterprise Mobility Suite), integrating solutions and services with flexible monthly invoicing. It is a mode of licensing based on use and consumption, where the customer pays only for the services used monthly.

Microsoft® Hyper-V

Through a unique and user-friendly interface, using our Fast Deployment concept, the virtual machine creation Module (VM’s) allows you to quickly provision infrastructure, applications and services, enabling increased productivity and reducing operational costs.

This module allows managing multiple companies, infrastructures and clouds, besides to provide a fully automated delivery, providing better management of services, resources, networks, operating systems and processes, addressing optimization and better reuse of computing resources.

Máquinas Virtuais

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