Cloud Solutions

For those who provide cloud and Microsoft CSP partners

Microsoft® Office 365

Module that aims to provision, manage and integrate Office 365 cloud products.

CSP partners (Microsoft Solution Cloud) can automate tasks, improve management and provisioning, leverage business and create new offerings and more suitable models for cloud adoption through a single, easy-to-use platform.

Automate Azure

Microsoft® Azure

Automation and APIs

Solution that delivers automated provisioning, buying experience and delivery in the Microsoft Azure cloud.


We are experts in cloud migration

AUTOMATE has a specialized team to handle the most diverse scenarios for migrating environments, mailboxes, servers, systems and data across platforms such as ExchangeOffice 365Azure, Google and other solutions.

Especialistas em migração

Automate® ADSYNC™

Active Directory (AD) Synchronization

AUTOMATE ADSYNC is a solution that integrates/synchronizes the AD (Active Directory) infrastructure of the client with the cloud.

Cloud Solution Provider - CSP

We have the ideal business model for Microsoft partners or not who want to market products and solutions for productivity, infrastructure and cloud collaboration by performing automation and integrations with legacy systems.

Automate Cloud Provider

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