We believe we can accelerate sales, automate the customer acquisition process, increasing success rate, and providing information about the quality and speed of end-to-end services. We are passionate about productivity and better processes, believing that people can achieve incredible results when they cooperate and work together.

About Us

We are a 100% Brazilian company that acts in process automation, offering management, provisioning, monitoring, migration, updating and supporting of products such as Exchange, Skype for Business, SharePoint, BIND, Hyper-V, Office365 and other related products (multi-tenancy or not).

We have a team of experts in Cloud Automation and Deployment (hybrid, private or public), Migration and Operation of mission critical environments. Our specialists are accredited to make the best delivery and the best possible automation.

In addition to mastering the products, our experience in these multi-tenancy solutions allows us to extract the best from each infrastructure, with security, efficiency, monitoring, intelligence and speed.

Our mission is to provide automation so that organizations in general can maximize revenue and reduce cost, improving business efficiency and ultimate quality for the customer.

Our vision is to be the major provider of automation for large companies, service providers and telecoms in Latin America and with significant operations in other markets, mainly Europe and the USA.

Painel de Controle

A single Control Panel

for every cloud you own ... simple and easy interface.

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We deliver

Unique dashboard for various products

Fast-deployment concept

Reduced self-service costs

Integration e customizations

Increased stickiness

We are driven by performance, agility, commitment to the client, responsibility, confidence, courage, enthusiasm and innovation.

These keywords are the foundation of Automate's products and services.