Professional and Managed Services

A concept of services aligned with your business strategy

AUTOMATE is ready to deliver to your company a Professional Services concept that, together with automation and software development, is capable of transforming needs into agile solutions, economically viable, safe, quality, and mainly aligned with the strategic decisions of each business.

Design & Implementation

We support your company from the beginning of the project, architecture and high availability deployment.

Migration &

Migration and fast provisioning serving multiple platforms.

Management & Monitoring

Proactive management of your environment, capacity and availability reports to reduce downtime.

Operation/Support & White Label Services

Technical support, Field Services and overflow operation performed by certified specialists.

High Availability Environments

Deployment of environments that guarantee the availability of your 365 x 24 x 7 business.

High Availability Environments

Automation, integration and creation of applications to meet the most varied scenarios and environments. Integrations and APIs.

Smart Heads

Expert support for projects, acquisition of services and software, product development, cloud computing and automation.

Technologies and Platforms

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