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Development, Customization and SSO (Single sign-on)

Customization and development of software for integration and automation of products. Automate is a software factory in its essence, the differential lies in its team of experts with expertise towards the Service Provider, which allows the development, integration and customization of applications for large-scale task automation, critical mission and friendly interface for administrators and end customers.

Automate Customização

Automate Client Deployment

Microsoft Outlook Client configuration

AUTOMATE Client Deployment was developed to automate the desktop based on Windows, enabling end-users to configure MS Outlook with few clicks, with no technical interactions or specific training.

Automate® Kiosk

Manage your company’s meeting rooms efficiently and intelligently:

  • Build self-service kiosks to manage schedules;
  • Select which rooms should appear by location;
  • Use in the cloud or install on your infrastructure;
  • Use the Office 365 logon or without logging in.
Automate Kiosk

Automate® EthicalWall™

EthicalWall for Skype for Business (MS Lync) users

AUTOMATE EthicalWall Module was developed to help companies improve management and optimize real-time communications, besides to ensure that users and customers have access to only the users and services that are allowed.

Commercial Intelligence

Management for Service Providers and Data Centers

Business Intelligence Module comprises the sales cycle management of the products and services provided by the Service Provider. Through determined workflows and the management of available products, the system is able to analyze the costs (OPEX and CAPEX) involved in providing the service, as well as the entire flow between the Pre-Sales, Commercial, Engineering and Delivery departments.


Module that aims to monitor the health of mission critical environments through statistics that support experts through proactive actions while avoiding service downtime and better resource utilization.


We are experts in cloud migration, especially email

AUTOMATE has a specialized team to handle the most diverse scenarios for migrating environments, mailboxes, systems and data across platforms such as ExchangeOffice 365Google and other solutions.

Especialistas em migração

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