Automate EthicalWall

EthicalWall for Skype for Business (MS Lync) users

AUTOMATE EthicalWall Module was developed to help companies improve management and optimize real-time communications, besides to ensure that users and customers have access to only the users and services that are allowed.

EthicalWall is offered for two deployment scenarios:

  • for Hosters

  • Skype for Business, if implemented in the multi-tenancy scenario, loses functionality. This limits the operation of providers who want to do deep integration with Exchange and PBX to offer it as a differentiated service.

    EthicalWall engages Skype for Business to control access levels and ensure that all customers are served properly.

  • for Enterprise

  • In order to allow greater control over real-time communications, AUTOMATE EthicalWall allows Skype for Business to be distributed throughout the organization and that people make good use of the platform, controlling who can access who.

    Several features are present and others are foreseen in the evolution of the tool.

Automate EthicalWall
  • Other features

  • Default action setting (lock / permission) in load XML;

  • Setting rules with actions (blocking / permitting);

  • Configuring call origination in rules based on specific groups or users (user list);

  • Setting exceptions in rules to allow or block certain users;

  • System of wildcards to define users and groups;

  • Lock logs in text files;

  • Custom notifications about blocking in HTML / TXT.

Other solutions:

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