Microsoft Exchange

Through the AUTOMATE Exchange Module, you can manage mailboxes, groups, public folders, contacts, specialized mailboxes, monitor health of multiple environments, create customized offers, reports, available for the Microsoft Exchange 2010/2013 and 2016 versions, besides other features.

Microsoft Exchange 2010 and 2013
  • Features

  • Usage Reports

    Quickly access to Offer Consumptions; Disk space, last access, export to a .csv file among others;

  • Disclaimer

    To define electronic messages informing the author's rights and responsibilities, usually positioned at the beginning or end of each e-mail of the Organization;

  • Active Directory Integration

    Use functions of access times, name, surname, photo, etc;

  • Hide in Address Book

    Allows you to hide a user from the Exchange address list;

  • Exchange Groups

    Allows you to add or remove users in groups;

  • Exchange Contacts

    Allows out-of-company email accounts to use a mailbox in Exchange;

  • Manage Resources

    Allows you to use Exchange mailbox to allocate meeting rooms and equipment in the Outlook or OWA calendar;

  • Public Folder

    Allows shared access of an Exchange folder between multiple users;

  • ActiveSync

    Allows integration with ActiveSync and Blackberry devices;

  • Full Access

    Full Permissions, allows a user full access to the mailbox of other users;

  • Send As

    Allows you to send as if you were another user;

  • Send On Behalf

    Allows you to send emails on behalf of another user.

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