Virtual Machines Management


Through a unique and user-friendly interface, using our Fast Deployment concept, the virtual machine creation Module (VM's) allows you to quickly provision infrastructure, applications and services, enabling increased productivity and reducing operational costs.

This module allows managing multiple companies, infrastructures and clouds, besides to provide a fully automated delivery, providing better management of services, resources, networks, operating systems and processes, addressing optimization and better reuse of computing resources.

Virtual Machines Management
  • Features

  • Create, list, update, move, and remove virtual machines;

  • Start, stop, and restart virtual machines;

  • Enter and exit in maintenance mode (to install more memory, disk, etc.);

  • Obtain and revert snapshots;

  • Create, list, update, format, and remove virtual disks;

  • Present and manage network information (virtual switch, IPv4, IPv6, mac and others);

  • Convert machines into templates;

  • Create machines from templates.

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